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HeArts & Crafts -6yr- Heart Plaque Painting




Denise in McKinney, Texas, USA


Dec. 2003


Honorable Mention

HeArts & Crafts Birthday Party 6 Year Old Girl  My daughter loves doing arts and crafts, so for her 6th birthday we decided to have a "HeArts & Crafts" party. 

For the invitations, I found some cardstock with a heart watercolor print, then printed the information on vellum, and connected them together with a heart-shaped die cut and pink ribbon.  On the invitation, I specified that each child dress in play clothes that could be painted in! 

The cake was strawberry flavored and had two layers.  The first layer was a large heart shape with pink frosting and piped hearts all over.  The top layer was in the shape of an artist palette, iced in white with 6 large, multi-colored paint globs made with piped icing.  Then I dipped a paint brush in colored icing and set it on the heart leaning against the palette.  The candles looked like crayons and were set in each glob of paint icing. 

We had four craft stations.  We had sixteen guests and each station had four girls completing a craft at one time. 

The first station was a tie-dyed t-shirt station.  I purchased four different colors of spray die at a craft store.  I then took four empty spray containers and divided the die in half and diluted them with water.  This made the die a little more pastel colored and it was much easier to spray the die on than to dip each shirt in a bowl of die.  Each girl tied knots in her shirt using rubber bands and sprayed the die on her shirt.  Each child hung their shirts outside to dry when they were done spraying. 

The second station was Shrinky Dink magnets.  Shrinky Dink sheets were cut into heart shapes and the girls colored them with colored pencils.  After they were baked we put self-adhesive magnets on the back of each one. 

The third station was a Heart Plaque Painting station.  I purchased a heart mold and Plaster of Paris from the craft store and made plaster heart plaques.  I put a ribbon loop in the plaster before it dried for hanging.  The girls painted their plaques using acrylic paints and glitter varnish. 

The fourth station was Jean-Pocket Purses.  I purchased several pairs of men's jeans at a thrift store and cut out the pockets.  I then stitched ribbon onto the sides of the pockets to create a purse handle.  The girls decorated their purses using squeeze-tube fabric paints, heart-shaped sequins and rhinestones and trim with heart ribbon and beads. 

Each girl got to take home her creations as her party favor!  Everyone had a great time and several of the girls said that it was the best party they had ever been to!

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