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DIY Extravaganza Party! (11-14yr) Animal Art Jar




Rylee in Dallas, TX


January 2016


Honorable Mention

Hey everyone! This year I had my 13th birthday party, and I decided to do a DIY (do it yourself) themed party! I am going to be sharing with you what my mom and I did to create this awesome blast that is still being talked about today!   

Invites ~ For the invitations, we got some adorable scrap booking paper in a pink glitter color and a zebra print. We cut out a square from the pink glittery paper, then cut out a smaller square in the zebra. We attached them together with glue, and on the zebra paper I wrote: Do you love all things DIY? Do you spend each and every spare minute looking for the cutest and most adorable DIY projects? Then you'll fit right in at Rylee's DIY Birthday Extravaganza!   

Food/Party Snacks ~ Food. The best part. So for the food we had Cane's Chicken boxes, fruit, salt and vinegar chips, regular Ruffles chips, and soda such as different flavored Fantas and Sunkist's, root beer, and finally Sprite.    

Cake ~ For my delicious cake, I was lucky enough to snag huge cupcakes from our DELICIOUS local cupcake shop.    

Costumes ~ No costumes needed! Just PJ's and some comfortable clothes.   

Games ~ We didn't really play any games! Just DIY's, karaoke, and YouTube video watching!    Decorations ~ Since this is where the guests will be spending the night, I put lots of white Christmas lights down in our basement, along with the snack table, a karaoke machine, lots of fluffy blankets, comforters, and air mattresses, balloons in white and lavender, and other white and lavender things such as streamers, banners, and bows.   

Activities/Party ~ So for the party, I invited my three best friends to come over to my house at 4:00 on Friday afternoon. When they all arrived, we began the party! So all the activities are DIY's because that IS what the party's all about! The first DIY we did was EOS Lip Balm snow globes. These are so super cute and can be found on HelloMaphie's YouTube channel. Basically what you do is take an empty EOS Lip Balm container and transform it into a mini snow globe!

The next DIY we did was these adorable animal Mason Jars. I forget where I saw this idea, but what you do is take a Mason Jar, some cheap animal figurines that I found at Michael's, some super glue or Gorilla glue, and spray paint(s) of your choice, and create a beautiful piece of room d├ęcor by gluing your animal atop the Mason Jar lid, then spray painting the entire lid with the animal attached. Screw the lid back onto the jar, and you have a cute storage jar that is perfect for a desk, locker, or any room.

The third and final DIY we did was a Polaroid close-pin line. I asked each of the girls to bring their phones or iPod if it had any pictures on it, and what I did was I plugged their phone/iPod into my computer, uploaded the pictures to PicMonkey.com, and there should be a frame that looks like a Polaroid frame. So, I printed all the pictures they wanted out in the Polaroid frame, and then we took some thread or string and clothes-pins and used the clothes-pins to pin them to the thread. It turned out super cute and every girl loved them!  

By now it was about six or seven, so we ate the dinner and then did the cupcakes. After we did the cupcakes, we opened presents and got our PJ's on. We set up our sleeping area down in the basement with fluffy blankets, comforters, a few air mattresses and then we just hung out, talked, ate more snacks, sang karaoke, watched more DIY's on YouTube, did each other's hair and makeup until we feel asleep. In the morning, we ate donuts and muffins from Tim Horton's, along with their sugar cookie hot chocolate which was DELICIOUS! After breakfast, the girls parents came to pick them up.   

Goodie Bags/Favors ~ For the goodie bags, they got to keep all the DIY's they did, and I also thew in a Bath and Body Works lip gloss, an Essie nail polish, and finally a $5 Starbucks gift card.   

Overall it was a great party! Hope this helped you out and maybe you will incorporate some of these ideas into your party! Good luck!

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