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Mod Monogram Paint Party -8yr- Painted Pop Tarts




Julie in Frankfort, KY USA


May 2015


Special Mention

For my daughter’s 8th birthday party she wanted to host her first sleepover and have a painting party as well.   

Invitation : A watercolor paint set from the Dollar Tree.  I formatted a design with clipart online that read : Let’s put the ART in PARTY long and thin in a word file to fit into the plastic case and on the back I included the party information.    

Decorations : Using a lot of the free paint sample cards from a local home improvement store in bright tones to decorate along with brightly colored streamers and balloons I had left over from other parties kept decorating low key, fun and nearly FREE. I jazzed up the wreath on the front door by adding an extra plastic watercolor set, some cheap brushes, and a few of the paint sample cards. I made a little sign with a sketch of my daughter in an artist beret and wrote K’s Art Studio and set it in the middle of the table on top of a bright tablecloth, using two additional tablecloths to cover beneath the table and protect our dining room floor. Filling a Mason jar with glass stones I had on hand and some brushes, I wrote Create and Art on additional paint sample cards on the table as well. At each chair hung a bright apron (Dollar Tree find) and a beret I fashioned out of a headband, tissue paper, and hot glue, and there was a canvas at each spot for the guests.   

Activities/Games : I took a photo of each of the girls in their paint smock and beret holding a paintbrush and posing before we got started. The main activity was the artwork. I used photos of the girls and included something from their personality (one liked Koalas, another played softball so was in uniform, one loved horses, etc.) and outlined mod-style head and shoulder portraits of each of the girls to fill in. They all squealed when they found themselves and were so excited to get started. It took them about 45 minutes to complete them, and I touched up the dark lines and smudges and added each girls' monogram while they inhaled some pizza. Afterwards, we took photos of the girls with their Mod Monogram" portraits and holding them in front of their faces and the effect was really neat.   

Party Snacks : Oreos dipped in white chocolate and drizzled with blue yellow and red chocolate were a hit. Rainbow licorice didn’t make it long after the pizza. Pretzel rods dipped in blue yellow and red chocolate were paint brushes. A clear paint bucket (found at Hobby Lobby) with caramel corn and mini M&M’s. For breakfast the next morning I let them drizzle blue yellow and red chocolate over white Pop Tart palettes.   

Cake : I made chocolate vanilla and strawberry cupcakes in rainbow liners and frosted them with white buttercream. Each girl picked the flavor they wanted and set them on a white plastic paint palette and instead of paint in each of the little grooves I filled it with sprinkles mini chocolate chips mini M&Ms and small candies. Each girl was able to design their own cupcake in true artist form.   

Favors : A small plastic paint palette with [their name]’s Paint Palette in bright letters in the center (purchased for $0.67 each at Wal Mart) a mini easel with 3 mini canvases and a bright ornate miniature frame (dollar bin at Michael’s.) The girls also got to take their "Mod Monogram" portrait and smock home with them.   

My daughter had an absolute blast she declared it the best party ever and her friends are still talking about it and their portraits."

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