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Rainbow Art Party -8yr- Art Palette Invite




Carli in Redmond, WA, USA


March 2014


March 2014 Winner

My daughter loves art- so for her 8th birthday we decided on a Rainbow Art Party! She also loves Lalaloopsy and Spot Splatter Splash in particular. Since Spot is an artist too, we ied her in all of the decorations and theme.   

INVITATIONS: The kids and I handmade an art palette. On each paint splash (the colors of the rainbow) we put party info: Day, time, Location, etc. We attached a real paint brush for each girl and wrote a note on the back: Rainbow Art Party! You are invited to X's Art Studio to celebrate her 8th birthday. Day Time Location. All artists come dressed in your favorite color of the rainbow and come ready to create and celebrate!"   

DECORATIONS: The colors were red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. The front door- The entrance was decorated with a handmade streamers shaped like buttons in all the rainbow colors. There were giant handmade crayons and paintbrushes, and paint can spilling fake paint. Indoor entrance way- Colorful photo booth set up and an art easel where they could each sign their name and draw a small picture to frame later for X to keep in her room. The living room was decorated in rainbow colors: balloons giant crayons giant paint brushes paint cans rainbow colored buttons and a huge sign that said "X's Art Studio".

Behind the food table there was a poster with melted crayon art and with Spot Splatter Splash on the bottom of it. The kids helped make the tablecloths for the activity tables. They were handpainted with the kids artwork. The tablecloth of the food table was white on top with rainbow ruffles in front. All the food and art supplies were in handmade paint containers with a small Spot Splatter Splash label on them. The birthday banner was homemade rainbow colored buttons with the writing "Happy Birthday X!"    

ACTIVITIES/GAMES: When the girls arrived there were 4 stations set up. One to make a rainbow foam picture frame set (OTC), one to make rainbow necklaces out of dyed pasta, one to draw on their own art easel, cookies with edible pens, and the photo booth to take a picture with the birthday girl. Once everyone had arrived and rotated through the first stations we played a rainbow treasure hunt game. Each girl had to follow her color of rainbow string around the house and yard winding it up until it was all gone and led her to her prize/favor bag. There was already a multi-color pencil a bag of rainbow theme candy and a pencil made from a roll of rainbow mentos and a hershey kiss in it.

Then we did an art gallery project. Each girl got their own canvas to decorate however they wanted. I had a ton of different supplies from pom poms to feathers to paint to pens to stickers. The theme they were supposed to represent was "The Rainbow". We hung the finished products up to display and then ate dinner. After dinner we judged the art work and they won a ribbon for their art- everyone won (most creative most colorful best overall artwork most unique etc etc). Then we played a game of pictionary with an art easel. The theme was "X's favorite things". Whoever guessed correctly has the next turn to draw. Lastly we did presents and cake.   

COSTUMES: We asked all the girls to come dressed in their favorite color of the rainbow. It made for a very bright and beautiful group picture!   

FOOD: The food was all in theme. Rainbow fruit kebabs; a Rainbow savory tray (salami, cheese, baby carrots, cucumbers, blue corn chips); rainbow goldfish crackers; rainbow cakeballs on a palette cake platter; rainbow juices in handmade labeled bottles for each color of the rainbow; rainbow jello popcorn; and all different types of "paintbrushes"…wafer cookies as paint stirrers dipped in colored white chocolate, pretzels dipped in colored white chocolate, breadsticks with softened tootsie rolls brushes, long cookies with marshmallows dipped in chocolate, and two other sizes of pretzels and cookies dipped in "paint".    

CAKE: I made her a rainbow layer cake. The cake was frosted all white. Around the edges on top it looked like there was spilled paint running down the sides of the cake. On the top their was a Lalaloopsy mini Spot Splatter Splash doll sitting holding a small red bucket tipped over as if she had spilled all the paint. The candles were red, yellow, green, and blue; extra long curvy candles. I left two layer of the cake hollowed in the middle and filled in with rainbow m&ms so that when we cut into it there was a rainbow surprise! The kids loved it =)   

FAVORS: Art work frame kit photo with birthday girl, rainbow theme candy pack of skittles, rainbow lollipop, rainbow pencil art work, ribbon prize, rainbow jello playdoh (homemade).  It was the perfect party for an art lover! The kids all had a wonderful time and my daughter was really happy with it."

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