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Art Party -6yr- Decorate a Christmas Ornament




Carrie in Murray, Utah USA


December 2005


Honorable Mention

Today we had such a fun birthday party for my six year old daughter Elise.  She loves to paint and draw and requested an "art party."   

Invitations:  I asked Elise to draw a "birthday picture" on an index card.  She crayoned a picture of a little girl standing next to a cake with six candles on it.  I put a scrapbook frame around it, color copied it and mounted it on card stock.  On the back we put the party info inviting her friends to "Elise's Birthday Art Show."  At the end it said, "Don't forget to wear your favorite color!"  In the upper corner of the invitation, we punched a hole and tied a small paint brush, a rainbow colored candy cane (it is December) and a brightly colored ribbon. 

Decorations:  We placed three large art prints we have hanging in our home on easels and had them on the front porch and walk way.  A sign on the door read--"Elise's Birthday Art Show."  We filled the entry way of our home with pictures from Elise's preschool and kindergarten years.  Each work of art was mounted on shiny tin foil so it looked like a cool frame.  We also had two dozen assorted colored helium balloons with strings dangling down covering the entry way ceiling.   

Birthday Attire:  We made birthday t-shirts for everyone in our family to wear to the party that displayed some of Elise's art work.  I simply bought computer t-shirt iron on paper from an office supply store and packages of fruit of the loom t-shirts.  Each family member picked a favorite picture that we color copied on to the iron on transfer paper.  We also included, "Happy Birthday Elise 2005" underneath each work of art.   

Party Activities:  While everyone was arriving, we started by letting them make a birthday mural.  We had a large sheet of butcher paper stretched across a wall and a big bucket of markers.  Everyone signed their part of the mural and Elise wants to hang it on her bedroom ceiling! 

Next, we let them choose a Christmas ornament to paint.  The ornaments were made out of foam and came in dozens of adorable shapes--ballerinas, stars, nutcrackers etc.  They were each less than 40 cents a piece at a local craft store.  We squirted acrylic paint out on paper plates in a sort of pallet arrangement and covered the tables with plastic.  As the children finished their ornaments (all at different times) we had two other art stations set up.  They could design shapes out of modeling clay or play color bingo.  The clay creations were labeled and saved on paper plates.  The color bingo cards were made from a great website called Personal Education Press that allows you to type in your own word list for the bingo cards.  We used M and M's for the bingo markers. 

Next, we opened presents.  Each child brought Elise their gift.  Based on their "favorite color attire" Elise wished them something wonderful in that color (like a blue swimming pool and a pink poodle.)   

Food:  The food table was set with a red table cloth and red, yellow, blue and green plates, cups and napkins.  Jumbo crayons were scattered across the table.  The birthday cake was the centerpiece.  I baked 2 round cakes and frosted them together covering it with rainbow sprinkles.  On top of the cake I placed a small easel (like one for a small frame or plate.)  On the easel we put a small painting Elise had made.  Then I stuck paint brushes at odd angles coming out of the cake.  A small watercolor artist's pallet was set up next to the cake.   

Closing game:  After cake, the children sat in a big circle and waited for their parents to arrive.  They took turns thinking of a color and letting the others try to guess it.  If they guessed it correctly, they were sprayed with silly string and then had the chance to think of the color.  This was a big hit. 

Party favor:  They took home their ornaments and a large crayon filled with runts. (They were called "Scribble Candy" and were 50 cents at the dollar store.)  I hope this helps someone else in planning an art birthday party!  I always appreciate all the wonderful ideas I learn from reading this site.  Thanks!

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