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Make Your Own Party - Pizza & Painting




Julia in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada


July 2005


Honorable Mention

I was thinking for days and days what a good idea for a party should be! Me and my friends try to have the best birthday bashes ever! Then I got the idea when I went to the Michaels craft store that just opened! A make your own party! It might sound babyish but it was a good idea!

Invitations-the invitations were full of scraps of coloured paper and material. I wrote the usual name and date and location. When the invites were all done, the card looked like a mini mosaic!

Next were the activities to plan! The girls would be makeing their own lootbag! At Michaels, we brought denim beach bags that were plain. Then we brought paint and glitter, fringes, and some strong glue. The girls could decorate the bags however they wish!

After that we would make our own mini pizzas! We each got a already made crust and then they got to put on their own sauce, and toppings! When the pizzas were cooking, we decorated foam drink hoalders from, of course, Michaels! We used glitter and the decorations from the lootbags. My mom and I had made sure we brought fast dry glitter glue! When the drink hoalders were done the pizzas were ready to! We put our cans of pop in the drink hoalders! Once that was done we had cake and preasants, the usual!

Next was a fun part! We got to decorate shirts! Thanks to Michaels craft store, my Mom had picked out different coloured shirts and we decorated them with our named and lots of cool designs!(make sure you have newspaper to stay clean!!)We let the shirts dry on a table near an open window.

The next part of the party was the best! We all got to decorate our own pillows! Michaels craft store is the main part of this. The kit we brought came with 6 pillow cases and a tie-dye mix! All of us 5 girls got a pillowcase and we started to make the pillows! We had lots of newspaper and old sheets on the carpet!! To our luck it was a windy day so we hung our pillow cases outside!Then we had to clean up of course!By the time we were finished it was already 11:00p.m! The party had started at 4:30!

We watched a movie of our choice and talked. We then went outside and our pillow cases were dry! We put them over our pillows and did they look great!!! We then all fell asleep! In the morning, we has lots of fun! We got to make out own faces on our pancakes with whipped cream, strawberries, and all kinds of fruit! We all got dressed up after breakfast and got ready to leave. Each girl got their shirt, drink-holder, and pillow!

Then I filled their lootbags(the denim bags they decorated in the beginning of the party!)Each girl got a kit to make their own scrunchies! Then a kit to make their own puzzels! Then the girls each got 2 chocolate bars! This party was great! Everyone had so much fun!!

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