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Army General Party -6yr- Sergeant Says




Gay in Loxahatchee, FL USA


Sept 2002



This party was planned for my (turning) 6 year old son, Justin. He has been infatuated with all things having to do with Army and GI Joe since he was 3 In fact he has been telling us since he was 3 that he was going to be a General in the Army one day So I set out to make an ALL ARMY PARTY for him. I started with my invitation It was printed on paper which I bought at a scrap book store that had a very muted American Flag as the actual paper. This is what it says:  DRAFT NOTICE  FOR TOP SECRET MILITARY MISSION (JUSTIN'S 6TH BIRTHDAY PARTY)  Location: Secret Loxahatchee Military Base           Classified directions given           when you RSVP before October 6th           561-XXX-XXXX  Date:     Saturday, October 12, 2002  Time:     0100 hours - 1600 hours            (1pm-4pm civilian time)  BATTLE GEAR WILL BE ISSUED  CHOW WILL BE SERVED  WEAR YOUR CAMOUFLAGE AND PREPARE FOR BATTLE!  \* Obstacle Course \* Bobbing for Bombs  \* Man Hunt / Capture the Flag  \* Drill Sgt. Says  \* Grenade Fight   Commanders, your recruits will get wet and dirty please bring a change of clothes and a towel!  

I ordered water guns, helmets, camo sun glasses, and binoculars from oriental.com at a VERY reasonable cost! Those items serve as "gear" and also take the place of an actual goody bag.  When the children get here they will receive their gear and an arm band (either GREEN or BROWN). Green team will be called ALPHA TEAM and Brown team will be called BRAVO TEAM. 

The Obstacle course will have the tires that you run through the "barbed wire crawl" We are using rope of course. And a plank is being made for them to walk across Also they will have to climb a fake wall and on the other side will be a mud pit. They will be in teams for the obstacle course which will be handled like a relay race. Each person will be timed while they navigate the course and their time will be written in magic marker on their arm band. The total time will be figured and the team with the least time wins a prize. 

I went to the local Army Recruiters and I asked if they had someone who could attend my sons party in full fatigues and with their face painted They said yes immediately! We told them we would pass out their cards as a favor for them agreeing to come to our sons party. The real Army guy is going to be the drill sergeant, in our game Drill Sergeant Says. He will give commands like, DRILL SERGEANT SAY DO 5 JUMPING JACKS! The kids have to respond YES DRILL SERGEANT and then do what he says. 

Search for the flag / Manhunt will be the most fun My husband is going to dress in all black and he will capture our American flag. His name will be Charlie and the kids will have to capture Charlie. He will hide in the woods surrounding our house and the kids will have to go in their ALPHA and BRAVO teams to search for "Charlie". Each team will be given rope and they will have to tie Charlie up and bring Charlie and the flag back to base camp. They are sure to have the best time ever, with that game!  Bobbing for bombs is really bobbing for apples We are going to get all red apples and 3 green ones. Who ever gets a green apple wins a prize.  

At the end of the party we will have a grenade fight. ALPHA TEAM and BRAVO TEAM will each have a child's pool filled with water balloons. They can bomb each other back to the stone age. We bought 1,500 balloons so they will get completely SOAKED!!!! 

Once everyone is all cleaned up (note in the invitation they were all asked to bring a change of clothes and a towel) We will have cake and ice cream and CHOW will be served. We are having burgers and dogs and fries and baked beans.  When it is time to sing happy birthday instead of singing the traditional song all of the "recruits" will line up and we will do a "cadence" and march around the birthday boy's table. Here is the cadence:  (Dad Sergeant) I don't know but I've been told (Recruits) I don't know but I've been told (Dad Sergeant) Holy cow you're six years old! (Recruits) Holy cow you're six years old! (Dad Sergeant) Today's YOUR day so sing along (recruits) Today's YOUR day so sing along (Dad Sergeant) Happy Birthday, Bang your gong! (They all bang their gongs, given to them) and then they will all sing the actual Happy Birthday song and Justin can blow out his candles.  Justin's cake has been ordered. It is a sheet cake with an battle being fought on the top, using army men and tanks and hills and all that good stuff!  We will end the day with a candy filled ARMY TANK PiƱata purchased at BirthdayExpress.com. The children will use their helmets to catch their candy. I only got cool candy that kids love not that nasty filler candy most people use. I always hated getting that stuff  :c)

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