Alice In Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland 7yr - Big Mad Table






May 2007


Honorable Mention

I Have planned a party for my younger sister to perfection. It was a surprise party so I had to chose the theme. I decided on Alice in Wonderland". I had a budget of 600 pounds but it can be done cheaper (I had money spare).

Our garden is large and our back garden is made up of two parts - the first smaller with a stone thin path by fences and trees leading to the much larger second half.  I got all the guests (age 7) to come early. I had bought amazing costumes for them all. We got the guests to dress up and get in position. My ma was Alice's tutor sitting under a tree in the first half reading to Alice. I got my sis to dress up in her Alice costume and told her to sit under the tree with ma.

Then we sent the guest dressed as the white rabbit to disappear down the path - my sis followed on cue. We had decked the path's gate to look exactly like a moss coverd hole (two play tunnels covered with black/brown material foliage with a painted finish).  The rabbit looked so cute in his little outfit face paint ears and stop watch. She came out the other end in loads of lowers and petals - into wonderland. It was amazing.   She saw the mad Hatter March hare and the doormouse (beautifully kitted out) under the big oak having a tea party.

That was adorable I had put a very long table under the tree under a table cloth. On it I had put doilies mis-matched tea sets cake tiers cakes food and other tea necessitys. In the oak I had hung other tea pots and cups and clocks from ribbons to make it truly mad. 

We had turned our garden shed in to a massive toadstall with other little ones placed around it. We made these from material stools at different heights and bundles of cloth. On the shed we put two guests (one as the caterpillar another as the butterfly.) We had to make the catterpillar suit but bought the pipe antenna and butterfly kit.  I hung the letters that he blows out of his pipe hung around the area on trees. It looked fab.  The rabbit had scooted into his "cottage" (our wendy house newly painted with window boxes filled with flowers).

We put two massive stuffed lizards on the wendy house's roof to "burn the monster out" (alice).  We had a bush with pound saver fake roses tied in it - some red some white. We placed three guests in playing card outfits that we made and gave them paint brushes and pots with paint. They were painting the roses red!  On a bench we sat the king and queen of hearts in their outfits they were fantastic. On the groung we had twelve parents of the guests in bow ties as the jurors and another in a wig and a cape as the judge. The parents were invited for tea and socialising and encouraged to bring cameras. 

Als we had croquet for the adults (with the inevitable plastic flamingos - for the hedgehogs we had those foot scrapers that looked and had bristles like hedgehogs. We had two already but you can get them in garden centres. We have a pond and turned this into the pool of tears (we hung paper teardrops over it).  My sis burst into tears with it she loved it so much. It looked amazing and everyone looked the part.

After that the adults did adult stuff (croquet took pics socialised) and the kids played on our swing and re-enacted Alice in Wonderland until tea time. They sat at the mad hatters tea party on odd mis matching chairs (for extra madness)and stuffed on cupcakes sweets crisps and sandwiches. The tea pots were filled with different jiuces ("tea").  There was no need for other games. Afterwards they were read Alice or played.

They went home with massive smiles their outfits and a top hat filled with goodys. The food and costumes were the most expensive but everythng else can be foundin charity shops pound stores and on ebay. I am twelve and had a lot of help for the sets by my ma pa and the other parents. I hoped this helped - Good luck!!"

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